Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Dress Looks Fine to Me

The young lady in the picture here is named Kymberly Clem. She is a 20 year old college student attending Eastern Kentucky University. Miss Clem recently purchased said dress at a shopping mall. Happy with her purchase, she wore it the next time she visited the mall. After a few minutes in the mall, she was approached by a security guard and asked to leave because her dress was too short. Seems some of the other ladies in the mall complained that Kymberly was ruining their shopping experience because their husbands were "checking her out." Hmmm. Sounds like a bit of that green monster envy rearing its ugly head.

Miss Clem has now retained counsel and is considering a suit against the mall. I mean it is a bit hypocritical for them to sell her a dress and not let her wear it back the next time she goes shopping. I usually find these types of lawsuits to be a bit much. I mean it's not like she was injured due to neglect or anything like that. In this case, however, I hope she does file suit and I hope she wins. Then I hope she takes the money and buys several more dresses to wear when she goes shopping at the mall.

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