Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Beauty Treatment

For all the ladies out there, and any guys that are into it, there is a new facial treatment available in New York City that is supposed to make your skin softer and smoother. It is the Geisha Facial, and you can get it at the Shizuka New York day spa. The price of the facial begins at $180 dollars and is about $80 more than their regular facials. The thing that makes this facial different from all others, is that the facial is made from bird poop.

That's right folks. For nearly $200 you can pay somebody to rub bird poop on your face for about an hour. Only in America. Seriously though, the facial was developed by the owner of the spa when she remembered a story her mother told her about how the Geisha's used nightingale exrement to remove the heavy make up they wore. The facial mix is made up of dried (and sanitized) nightingale droppings and rice bran. The nightingale droppings contain the enzyme guanine which is used in some cosmetics. I think I would prefer another source than bird crap.

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