Monday, August 4, 2008

Where are you on the political map?

Here is a fun little test that shows where you are on the political landscape? I identified closely with the Libertarian party. No big surprise to me.


  1. That thing called me a liberal! And here I was thinking I was sliding ever more to the right in my middle age.

  2. Please, you are an unabashed Obama supporter. It doesn't get more liberal than that :-). For years, I considered myself to be a Reagan conservative. In a lot of ways I still am pretty conservative, but I have been sliding more to the left on a lot of social issues. That is why the Libertarian tag suits me these days.

  3. I expect Obama has sense enough to know you can't govern from the left... you have to govern from the center.

    The real leftists are down with Nader.



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