Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another HOA From Hell

Last month, I commented on this lovely HOA. This one, may beat it.

In July of 2007, Joe Woodard of Sanford, Florida lost his wife and son when a plane crashed into their house. He has been building a new home on the lot for the past year. He has almost completed construction on his new home.

Now, the HOA (House of Management Enterprises) steps in. Woodard has received a letter from the HOA because he is "breaking their rules." They want him to tear down his nearly completed home. Here is what they say is the problem. His shingles and the elevation of his new house do not match the rest of the neighborhood. His new house is also a few feet longer in the back than their standards allow.

Woodard does not want to build the exact same house he had before, which is what he say the HOA wants. I fully understand why he would not want to relive the memories by moving into the exact same house he had before his world was torn apart. House of Management Enterprise, have a heart.

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