Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Barack Obama Test

I found a link to the Barack Obama Test in my email this morning. The test consists of 51 questions from an Associated Television News/Zogby America Poll conducted in July of this year. The question are broken down by a variety of subjects; Energy, Taxes, Felon Voting, 2nd Amendment, Spending, Defense, Trade, Health Care, Social Values, Justice, Crime, and Labor.

I already new that I disagree with most of Obama's positions, but out of curiosity I decided to take the test. On the 51 questions asked, I agreed with Obama on only 3 questions. So I disagreed with him 94% of the time. It was not a real big surprise to me that I would disagree with him so much. What did surprise me was that of the respondents in the poll, I agreed with the majority of the respondents 96% of the time. Also, on most of the questions, the respondents were significantly opposed to Obama's positions on the issues.

The poll of 1005 likely voters was conducted from 7/8/08-7/14/08. If I find a similar test for John McCain I will post it here as well. I should add one disclaimer regarding the Obama Test website. The site does promote the sale a book, "The Audacity of Deceit" which is an anti-Obama book that looks at Obama's policies.

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