Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama vs McCain

A mother from Naperville, IL wanted to teach her second grade girl scout troup about the presidential election. So she contacted each of the campaigns to ask for a donation of small items like buttons or stickers that she could give to the girls to learn. If the girls did well, they could earn their "Ms. President" merit badge.

John McCain's campaign responded immediately by sending a box of stickers and signs to the girls. Barack Obama's campaign directed the scout leader to the Barack Obama website where she could purchase any of the items she needed for their project.

After visiting the website, she decided that given their budget, she would try the Obama campaign once more. She explained their situation and expressed how the McCain campaign gave them some items. She was placed on hold, and was told that they could sympathize but that the campaign was up against the machine and could not afford to give things away for free.

With this, the mother emailed What's Your Problem? a consumer advocate column for the Chicago Tribune. The reported contacted the Obama campaign, and was told the original campaign worker "misspoke." They then hand delivered a box of items to the troop.

Just remember this as the Democrats tell you how they care about you and your family and the Republicans only care about Big Business.

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