Monday, September 8, 2008

Olbermann, Matthews Out

Great news today. MSNBC has announced that Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews will be removed as co-anchors of MSNBC's political night coverage and will be replaced by David Gregory. Matthews and Olbermann each got a little snippy with each other on the air when Olbermann criticized Matthews for talking too much.

Olbermann did not even try to present an unbiased view, especially during the Republican Convention. When Joe Scarborough was presenting some positive developments in the McCain campaign, Olbermann was heard saying, "Jesus, Joe. Why don't you get a shovel." He injected his personal viewpoint when the Republicans played a video referencing 9/11 stating that MSNBC should not have aired it and apologized to viewers who shared his sentiments. Any positive comments by Republican supporters was usually met with sarcasm and disdain by Olbermann. I have said it before, and I will say it again, he was horrible doing sports for ESPN, and he has no business commenting on things of a weightier nature. What a dolt!!

At least with David Gregory, MSNBC will have a solid professional at the helm for the debates and election coverage. Unfortunately, they will still have Olbermann on hand as a commentator. For your entertainment, here is a montage of the recent meltdowns at MSNBC, including Joe Scarborough.


  1. Olbermann is a world-class tool.

    He did another of his patented "Special Comments" tonight... this one attacking McCain and the GOP for politicizing 9-11.

    Unpersuasive, self-indulgent, disrespectful... ludicrous. But by marketing him as the Sean Hannity of the left, MSNBC thinks they've finally got a workable business model.

    I have my doubts. And I miss Tucker Carlson's show.

  2. Unfortunately, because of my son's situation, I do not get to watch too many of those types of shows. He tends to dominate the TV when I am home. The only show I get to watch on a regular basis is the Glenn Beck show on Headline News, which is where I first saw Sarah Palin. I get to hear some talk radio on my hour commute each day. They had a local talk show during my morning commute that was fairly balanced, but they switched it to a federal business format.

    I don't particularly care for anybody too extreme on either side, especially on the left side. Not a fan of Rush, haven't had the opportunity to hear Hannity. I like Neil Boortz, who is Libertarian, and Glenn Beck who is conservative, but not necessarily Republican.



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