Sunday, October 19, 2008

How Desperate Do You Have To Be?

In August, I posted about a Malaysian man who tried to enlarge his penis by attaching a metal nut to his penis. Now there is a story about a 29 year old Michigan man who was recently arrested for "receiving sexual favors from a vacuum."

A concerned citizen of Thomas Township in Michigan called police to report that somebody was acting suspicious at a nearby car wash. The officer parked his cruiser away from the car wash and approached on foot, where he caught a man in the act of trying to satisfy himself with a vacuum at the car wash.

My first question would be, "How do you get to the point that you think it is a good idea to try to achieve an orgasm through the use of a vacuum cleaner?" The second would be, "Once you get to the point where you decide it is a good idea to masturbate with a vacuum, why on earth would you do it in a public place instead of the privacy of your own home?"

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