Monday, November 17, 2008

A Good Sign?

My old friend, David Mills, over at the Undercover Black Man blog has tried to assure me that he believes that Barack Obama is too smart to govern from the far left, despite his record. About a week or so ago, I heard no less a conservative than former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich say the same thing on the Sean Hannity radio program. Gingrich has said that if Obama immediately begins trying to govern from the far left, that he could see the Republicans regaining seats in the House and Senate in 2010 and Obama facing a tough re-election campaign in 2012.

In what could be a sign that President elect Obama is serious about reaching across the aisle and developing solutions to the country's problems, he met today with John McCain to discuss ways to work together to fix the problems in Washington. The two men issued a joint statement vowing to work together to reform Washington and end the bitter partisanship that currently exists inside the Beltway. Obama has said that he intends to include a Republican in his cabinet, but aides to both men say there is no cabinet position in the works for McCain.

It is too early to tell what direction Barack Obama intends to take the country. We still have two months before he is sworn into office. Hopefully Newt and UBM are correct and that Obama is too smart to govern from the far left. Hopefully these are positive signs that Obama intends to work with both parties to find solutions. I want to believe this is the case, however, I can't seem to shake the lingering doubts.

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