Friday, December 26, 2008

Google Chrome

So on Christmas day while I was getting tired of waiting for pages (including this blog) to load in Internet Explorer, I decided to investigate Google's new browser, Google Chrome.  I had seen banner ads for Chrome on several websites, and thought I would look for some reviews and found a few favorable ones on CNET

Google says it's new browser is a simpler, faster, and safer browser.  The download and installation were quick and easy, and I was surfing in no time at all.  I have to say, that the webpages loaded much quicker using Chrome than in Internet Explorer.  I was also able to import all of my stored passwords and bookmarks that I had in Explorer.  Another feature that I like about Chrome is that when you launch the browser, you see thumnails of your most frequently visited websites for quick access.

I have to say that I am very pleased thus far with the performance of Chrome.  So much so that I have made it my default browser.  About the only problem that I have encountered has been some errors when first attempting to visit some websites or blogs for the first time.  For instance, I tried to go to Yahoo Mail and it could not find the website on the first try.  If I refreshed the page or started over attempting to visit the site, it would load with no problem.  It happened with a few other sites as well.  I am not sure if it was a problem with the browser or if I was just having some problems with my connection, so I will keep using it to see how things go.


  1. Willy fears to add one more google application. They control so much of Willy now.

    10-4 Willy

  2. I can understand that, Willy. It isn't wise to put all of one's eggs in one basket as they say. So far, though, I am happy with Chrome.

  3. Have you tried chrome with entrecard dropping and, if so, how have you found it? having the firefox entrecard add-on is handy but everything still loads so slowly that I've found myself wondering whether i should download chrome to see if it speeds up the dropping process...

  4. I have had no problems at all with entrecard and chrome. Most of the time, the sites load quicker than they did in internet explorer. I have not tried firefox, so I can't compare to that

  5. Couple of comments about Chrome; I like it. I've been using it for quite a while now (since early beta). But two things bug me. The first, why oh WHY did the developers reverse the (right click) open link in a new tab/window from what every other browser has been using for years? It's a drag when I switch back at forth (home and work) to mean to open in one or the other and get the opposite of what I intended. Minor, but a pain. The second is that videos don't always play, but I'm sure that will be fixed in a new release.

  6. I have had a couple minor issues as well. I play some games over at, and I have had issues with Java loading that I do not have with Internet Explorer.



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