Saturday, December 13, 2008

Steve Goodman-How Much Tequila (Did I Drink Last Night)

Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by what I have found on the net. This evening I was searching YouTube for some John Prine videos. I came across this song by Steve Goodman, and the title just caught my eye. In my younger days, there were a few occasions when I simply had too much tequila. I had heard of Steve Goodman, but I had not heard him sing. Goodman was a folk singer and songwriter who died of leukemia at the age of 36. His big break came when he sang the song "City of New Orleans" for Arlo Guthrie, and Guthrie made it a hit. Tomorrow, I am going to have to look for some more Steve Goodman.


  1. I had the privilege of seeing Steve Goodman live in Philadelphia many years ago. I think he opened for John Prine. I could be wrong.It was a long time ago. I've seen John Prine a few times too.

    Steve wrote "City of New Orleans." John Denver sang it too. I am a fan of his also.

  2. I think that I knew that Steve Goodman wrote City of New Orleans. I used to play it on the guitar, so I know I saw it on the sheet music. My brother in law treated me to a John Prine concert this fall. I wasn't real familiar with Prine other than John Denver had done "Paradise" and "Angel From Montgomery" Prine put on one heckuva show



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