Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Bailout

I first saw this story when I was looking at Neil Boortz's website.  Then I was reading my Glen Beck email newsletter and found a transcript from his radio show discussing it.

The latest industry to seek financial help from the government, according to, is the adult entertainment industry.  Joe Francis of "Girls Gone Wild" fame and "Hustler" magazine publisher Larry Flynt have written to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Congress asking for $5 billion to "invest in building new means of distribution."  DVD sales and rentals have fallen 22% in the past year as more people are using the internet for their adult entertainment needs.

As I have mentioned, I have not been in favor of any of the previous bailouts.  Likewise, I can't see myself supporting a bailout of this industry either.  However, if there is an industry out there that could successfully retool itself with an infusion of capital, I believe the adult entertainment industry could.  For too long, they have always been ahead of the curve when it came to adapting new technology to promote their wares.  If nothing else, at least according to the articles, these gentleman are willing to drive a hybrid across country to meet with Congress to pitch their case. 


  1. Those guys are joking, right? Flynt and Francis? It's all a goof, right?

    It certainly gained them oodles of mainstream-media attention. Flynt has always been good at ginning that up.

  2. Who knows if they are serious or not. I imagine their business is suffering somewhat, but each of those guys also have internet sites with memberships. Who knows how many copies of Who's Nailin Paylin was downloaded off Hustler's website

  3. I thought those jack (bleeps) people were kidding too. It turns out they are serious and are actually going to ask for 5 billion. Can we all do without our porn? I think I would rather eat. These are jerks asking for more because they are in any financial trouble at all. They want their piece of the pie since other industries are taking.

  4. None of these companies should be getting any of our money. That's why we have bankruptcy laws. Let the market dictate who gets our dollars, whether it be automakers or the porn peddlers.



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