Saturday, January 17, 2009

Farewell President Bush

The other thing that happened on Thursday that I wanted to talk about is President George W. Bush's farewell address.  I am not going to make an argument positive or negative as to the Bush presidency.  That is for history to determine.  Putting all politics aside (or as much as possible) I want to focus on his character.

Immediately after 9/11, President Bush had an approval rating of 90%, the highest ever for a president.  Unfortunately, at the end of his term, he also has the lowest approval rating ever for a president.  The question is did he change or did the country change?

After 9/11, Bush became focused on the war on terror.  His goal was to keep this country safe, and he has succeeded.  However, the war on terror has been a long one, and even though he had the overwhelming support of the American people in the beginning, the country and media grew tired of the war and support dwindled.  When the war began in Iraq, I was not in favor of it.  However, once there, the job needed to be completed.  When it would have been politically expedient to end the war, George Bush stuck to the task.

Whether you agree with his politics or his decisions, there is one thing that you have to say about George W. Bush.  Everything he did, he did because he thought it was in the best interest of the country.  He stayed true to his values, regardless of how it affected his approval ratings.  He loves his country, is a true patriot, and, I believe, is an honorable man.  I believe him when he says he wants Barack Obama to succeed as president.  It is because of love of country, not love of party.


  1. Something that really annoyed me was when Rachel Maddow, on her MSNBC show the other night, talked about President Bush while a tagline on the screen said "Goodbye, Good Riddance."

    What an insult not only to the man... but to the office. He's on his way out the door, I say treat the President with respect at this moment, regardless of your personal politics.

  2. It is rather disturbing the treatment of Bush, particularly in the media. It has not only been disrespectful, but it has been downright vitriolic. It is one thing to disagree with the politics of the man, but we used to respect the office of the presidency and act accordingly. I know you dislike Hannity, but at least he publicly states he hopes Obama succeeds even though he disagrees with his politics.

  3. ^ Did you have to mention Hannity? I haven't watched him much since election night... but he and Rush did so much attacking of Obama personally, I can't believe for a minute that either of them wishes Obama success. For if Obama succeeds, it proves Hannity and Rush were wrong all along... and who on this planet wants to be proven wrong about anything?

  4. yeah, I went to Hannity. I would think that most people would want the President to succeed, even if it meant they were wrong, if they are being honest in saying they want what's best for the country. Let's put it this way, if Obama is wrong and Hannity and Rush are right, then the country is in for far worse than the current situation. I mean, if the deficit and spending are responsible for our current economic situation then I do not see how Obama's plan to increase spending will help us out.

    By the way, if you think Hannity is bad, you ought to listen to Mark Levin if you haven't already;



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