Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Being A Dad

On Saturday, a jewelry store in my neighborhood was having a precious metal dealer in the store paying cash for gold and other precious metals. I had a few items on my dresser that I no longer needed; a couple broken chains and a couple rings that no longer fit. Just for grins, I decided to see how much money they would offer me for these useless pieces of metal. I walked out of the store with $160 of "found money."

It is rare that I have the opportunity to splurge on something for myself. For the rest of the weekend, I contemplated about what goodies I could get for myself. I considered using the money to buy a Flip video recorder. There are a number of books I would like to check out, so I considered going on a little shopping spree at the local Barnes & Noble. There was nothing though that left a burning desire in my mind, so I decided to hold on to the money until I found something I had to have.

Well, yesterday I spent the money. I did not buy any of the things that I originally considered. In fact, I ended up not buying anything for me. Yesterday, my son's Playstation Portable ceased operating. Seeing how upset he was that he could no longer play his favorite games, I spent the whole amount on a new PSP for my son. So, for now, I will be holding off on getting anything for me. I guess that's just part of being a dad. It was money well spent.


  1. Thanks. I think most dad's would do the same thing. It has been a tough year, so I have not had the chance to spoil him as often as in the past. It is amazing when I stop to think about it, the things you do for your kids. You would be surprised at some of the songs I have on my iPod because my son wanted me to download something to burn CDs for him

  2. Worth every penny... and every second! And Time is the most precious gift of all!

  3. well unfortunately,against my wishes, the wife let's him take the PSP to school. Yesterday, it fell out of his backpack on the bus and nobody has been able to find it.



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