Sunday, February 1, 2009

Glad Force Flex vs Hefty Ultra Flex

Several months ago, my wife came home with our first box of Glad Force Flex Kitchen trash bags.  We have been using them ever since.  I was very impressed with the way you could put a lot more garbage into the bag without the bag breaking.  We have been through about 10 or 12 boxes of them.  In that time, we have had maybe two bags get a tear in them, and at most it was a small puncture.

About 2-3 weeks ago I was doing my grocery shopping and knew we needed trash bags.  I was going to get my usual Glad Force Flex, but noticed that the store had Hefty Ultraflex bags on sale.  I figured with Hefty being a well established national brand, and the picture on the box looking like the Glad bags, I would be safe in buying the Hefty and saving a couple bucks.  Big mistake.

We are still going through that box of Hefty Ultraflex bags.  I have had as many bags rip in that one box as I had in 10 boxes of Glad Force Flex bags.  One of the tears was a hole about 4 inches across and led to old coffee grounds spilling on the kitchen floor.  I had to put that bag in a second bag to keep the garbage from spilling all over the place.

Needless to say, when doing my shopping today, when I saw that the Hefty bags were reduced 33%, I picked up the Glad.

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