Saturday, February 28, 2009

HOA From Hell #5

Have I mentioned that I hate homeowners associations?  Mine has become a royal pain in the ass, or at least the "Trash Nazi" roaming our streets is one.

On February 10th, our new trash regulations went into effect.  Today we received a notice from the HOA saying that we were not in compliance with the new regulations because we were not using a "secured trash container."  The new rules stipulate that we must use a 20-50 gallon Rubbermaid style of trash with a lid.  We are also not allowed to have those containers on the "exterior" of the house, except on trash pickup days. 

We are using a 20 gallon Rubbermaid trash can.  We have a lid.  The problem is, that we usually have  three tall kitchen bags of trash to put out on pickup days in that trash can.  With two bags in the larger can, the bags end up being higher than the top of the can.  It is impossible to put the lid on the can at that point.  Even if we had a larger container, three bags would not allow us to put the lid on the can.

We live in a fairly small townhouse.  They want us to recycle, so we have a large recycling bin.  We have a 20 gallon trash can to store our trash in for pick up days.  There isn't room in our home for a larger trash can or multiple trash cans.  In today's economy, I definitely do not have an extra $70 or the space to buy a 50 gallon container.

Our old rules did not require the use of a trash cans.  Most of the residents (us included) would simply put the bags out by the curb.  Most of the time, there was no problem with animals getting into the trash, though it probably wasn't the best situation.  I have no problem using a can.  We still have a lot of people that are not using any kind of container.  I am using the type of container they say I need to use.  The only problem is that the lid won't fit on the can.  


  1. The wrong trashcan leads to the wrong mailbox color leads to inappropriate yard signs leads to a used car lot on your driveway... Don't go down that slippery slope!
    (I feel your pain)

  2. Last year, I got a notice saying that I needed to paint my shutters and my front door. I am surprised I didn't get cited because I painted the door a different color than it was before.



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