Saturday, March 21, 2009

Barack Obama and Iran

Throughout the campaign, Barack Obama said he would take a different approach in dealing with countries like Iran.  He said he would try to establish a dialogue with those leaders and to try to listen to their concerns instead of "dictating term" to those rogue nations.  

On Thursday, took the first steps in trying to establish this new policy in dealing with, essentially, our enemies.  He released a video sending his wishes to Iranians as they celebrated Norouz.  My first reaction to this overture was basically one of disgust.  The idea of taking such a conciliatory tone with a country that has referred to us as "The Great Satan" was offensive to me as an American.

Of course, I am no foreign policy expert, so the key would be the reaction of the Iranian leadership.  Well, it turns out that the Iranian leadership did not think much of it either.  Ayotollah Ali Khameini, the supreme leader of Iran, responded with the following quote: "They chant the slogan of change, but no change is seen in practice.  He insulted the Islamic Republic from the first day.  If you are right that change has come, where is that change?"

Well, this new policy of dealing with Iran is off to a great start, huh?


  1. it is my firm belief that no matter what we do Iran will never say that it is enough,well maybe one thing,we junk our system ang go to an all muslim starte.Then I think that they will be happy.

  2. I would have to agree. The only thing that would make them happy is if everybody was under sharia law

  3. Arabs (and Persians) view this as a sign of weakness. Like Jimmy Carter, Obama is playing a weak hand having given up SDI to Russia for "help" with Iran, warm and fuzzy talk on the campaign trail about dictators, and a strong anti-war effort. He will get no respect from anybody. What a joke. The only thing they understand is force and the willingness to use it. They know Obama and the Democrats have no stomach for using force so any threat to use it will be hollow.

  4. Unfortunately you are correct. I was watching a show Friday night and there was guest who said that the Iranians would look at this as a surrender and weakness

  5. I am so sick of these liberals and their symbolism over substance. They think that if we "understand" them and "love" them, they will change. What a crock of fecal matter. This kind of Jimmy Carter outreach will get a lot of Americans killed.

  6. When will the blind Obama followers get their heads out of their asses and see the worthless jokes that they sent to DC ??
    Obama embarrassed himself, and as our representative, he made us look weak and afraid
    The idiot opened the door to some kind of " test " from those people, and you can be sure it will cost every one of us

  7. as concerned as I am in the direction he is trying to take the country in on the domestic front, I think I might be more worried about his ability to deal with international issues



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