Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Glenn Beck vs The Attorney General of Connecticut

What can I say?  I love Glenn Beck.  I am not a fan of any of the bailout plans that have taken place.  I have mixed feelings about the whole AIG bonus affair.  The bottom line is that there was nothing "illegal" done in AIG paying bonuses to executives, many of which were working at a yearly salary of $1, who were trying to help AIG turn things around.

On Beck's television show yesterday, he had Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut's Attorney General on as a guest.  Glenn grills Blumenthal on his actions in regards to the AIG bonuses and Chris Dodd.  I love watching him trying to get this hack to just answer a simple yes or no question.


  1. So do you think Blumenthal will ever appear on the show again? Classic

  2. That AG is a moron. It is a wonder how some people get elected.

  3. unfortunately, I think it says more about the people voting than anything else



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