Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prostitution Arrests

I love irony. That's why I was somewhat amused when I saw the story of this particular prostitution arrest in the Washington Post. A DC police officer was arrested last month and charged with soliciting an undercover police officer in an internet prostitution sting. Officer Robert A. Schmidt was accused of meeting a woman he thought was a prostitute by answering an ad on Craigslist. As a first offender he had the charges dropped after completing "john school" to learn the risks of prostitution.

While we are on the subject of prostitution, I had previously posted about the arrests of Mi Sook Yoo andHo Suk Kim, for prostitution in massage parlor raids. There were also three arrests in Fairfax, VA for committing prostitution in an illegal massage parlors. The women arrested in the latest raid do not have names quite as colorful as the previous two stories. The women charged in this case were Qi Yang, Jun Wang, and Main Chong.

Yes, I know that these are illegal activities, but don't the police have more important things to do with their resources than this? With all of the bad news going on everyday, why worry about somebody wanting to relieve a little stress?
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