Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Day at the Track

Horse racing used to be a thriving enterprise here in Maryland. Thoroughbred racing used to take place 6-7 days per week and rotated between 3 different tracks. Now, there are only two active tracks, Laurel and Pimlico, and they only run 4 days per week. I have been off of work all week on vacation during my son's spring break. Today, I spent a couple hours at the Laurel track for the purpose of taking a few pictures.


  1. Nice photos, Dick. Can't believe I've never been to that track... just to see what it was about.

  2. Thanks. What's really fun is to go Timonium for the Preakness. Now that gets a little crazy, especially if you are in the infield

  3. Wow, horse racing !! Always wanted to see that from close.

  4. I've only been to the track once, when it was an all-expense-paid outing by Spouse's employer.

    I thought it was really fun. I'm too cheap to gamble, but I loved the excitement, and I loved going down and looking at the horses before each race.

    Your photos are great. They make me want to go again this summer.

  5. I have never been a huge gambler on the races, but there have been a few days that I spent the day placing a few bets. It is a lot of fun to be standing up against the rail cheering for your horse. The track is also an interesting place to be if you are a people watcher. A lot has changed though since the last time I went. You used to walk up to a window and place your bets with a person. Now at each betting window is a machine to take your bets.

    Even though I wasn't betting on Thursday, it was a lot of fun being there, and I was happy with the pictures. It ended up being an inexpensive outing. $3 admission and $7 for a hot dog, chips, and soda.



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