Thursday, April 30, 2009

DC and Traffic

The DC area consistently ranks as one of the most highly congested areas for road traffic. There are certain parts of the highway system around here that no matter what time you hit those spots, you are bound to experience delays.

I was fortunate enough to avoid having to deal with Beltway traffic on a regular basis. I had a job for 21 years at a location that was only 10 minutes away from my home, and I never had to hit a highway. Unfortunately, that position was eliminated a few years ago.

My new position requires that I hit the Beltway every day. There are a couple spots on my commute where I can expect to hit delays. Most of the time, it isn't a problem because you account for those daily delays.

Most of the time, my commute takes me about an hour, whether I am heading to work in the morning or home in the evening. Sure, if it rains or snows, people around here forget how to drive and it takes a little longer.

Lately though, it seems inevitable, that when I have someplace I need to be, the traffic gods conspire against me. One Friday night when I needed to get to my part time job, my usual one hour commute took two hours. Earlier this week, I needed to meet my family to take my son to a doctor's appointment. I left the office at 3pm when traffic should be light, and sure enough there were multiple accidents on a clear spring day. I think the reason is that most of the people in this area are Democrats and clearly they are conspiring against me and my conservative values.
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  1. Ha! "Clearly."
    I'm guessing you are becoming a more patient man by the hour(s). Ugh. Sounds torturous. Glad I get to learn "patience" in alternate ways!

  2. the "normal" traffic jams you kind of get used to, it is those times when for no apparent reason it takes twice as long to get where you are going, especially when you have to be somewhere or have plans that require getting home in a certain amount of time

  3. I say - "If you can't beat 'em, Join 'em." I find it comical when others complain about traffic. It's one of my "isms." For most of my life, I made it a point to live close enough to work so I wouldn't have to spend a great deal of time in traffic to and from work. I viewed it as a waste of time and swore I didn't want to spend my life trapped behind the wheel of a car. Then I moved to L. A. - the city of endless traffic jams. But a funny thing happened. Traffic in the rest of the world got worse... and traffic in L. A. got better. Now I spend a lot of my time trapped in traffic in various cities around the globe with no recourse. Chicago, London, and D.C., are the worse. Thank God for good music! Hang in there....

  4. Thanks II. I don't mind the normal delays too much, it is just amazing though how many times recently the traffic has been far worse than usual when I have plans other than going to work or going home. It is also amazing how one little incident can cause a bottleneck to last for hours after it happens.

  5. I dunno. I got lost on that beltway once and swore I would never drive near it again. Marion Berry was Mayor then. I'm a Democrat and still fear getting on there. I don't know how folks do it day after day.

  6. It definitely tries your patience, Cher



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