Monday, April 27, 2009

Music Monday-Phil Collins "Through These Walls"

I was a big fan of Phil Collins when he was with Genesis and his first few solo efforts. This song was on his first solo album. It is a rather dark tune about a man obsessed with his neighbor. Obsessed to the point that he becomes rather voyeuristic, listening to their lovemaking though the wall and fantasizing that he is a part of their world. I rather like it. Especially this live version with props (ladies lingerie and a trenchcoat.) Enjoy

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  1. Wow, you literally pulled this one out of the closet. This song didn't get much radio play but it's characteristically Phil Collins. Edgy and controversial. Nice choice!

  2. glad you liked it Mike

    Yeah II, this is one of my favs from Phil Collins. in a way it's kind of a sad song too.

  3. Hate to be pedantic, but it was from his second album, Hello I Must Be Going. His first album was Face Value.

  4. whatever, it was late and I was tired and going off my failing memory.



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