Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cowboys Practice Dome Collapses

I hate the Dallas Cowboys. Whenever I have played fantasy football, this hatred of the dreaded Cowboys has led me to keep any Cowboy off of my roster. The reason is simple. I just can't see myself rooting for any member of the Cowboys to do well.

However, as much as I hate the Cowboys, I would never want to see anybody get seriously injured. So I take no pleasure in the near catastrophe that took place yesterday when their practice dome collapsed during heavy winds.

About a dozen people were injured when the dome collapsed. The most serious being special teams coach Joe DeCamillis suffered a broken back. Thankfully, none of the injuries sustained were life threatening.

UPDATE: It has since been reported that a scouting assistant Rich Behm has suffered permanent paralysis below the waist as a result of the incident. Best wishes to him and his family.


  1. I'm with you... I'm not a Cowboys fan. Never could tolerate them much. For one obvious reason - Redskins! Anyway, I agree. This was tragic. I join you in wishing them the best.



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