Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Men, Women, and Toilet Seats

I think every guy (at least every married guy) has heard at least one complaint about leaving the toilet seat up. I do my best to try to put the seat back down for Mrs. Dickster, and I think in our 17 plus years of marriage you could count on one hand the number of times I have left the seat up. However, an incident at work today got me thinking, so I want to pose an informal poll question, especially for the ladies out there.

Which is worse; a guy leaving the toilet seat up or a guy who leaves the seat down and urinates all over the seat? We will save the non-flushing aspect of the question for another time.


  1. How does Mrs. Dickster like being referred to as Mrs. Dickster? Thank god my wife and I have separate bathrooms. The toilet seat issue is a non-issue with us because of segregation of the sexes.

  2. My house has a clean bathroom that my 3 sons and myself are not allowed in. I have my bathroom, and my boys have theirs so thank God that is one fight we do not have at our house
    Now if I could only get a lock for my mini fridge..........

  3. Casey, I think in this arena she would prefer Mrs Dickster to her actual name

    Lot,your own bathroom? I am envious.

  4. Hubby and I mostly have separate bathrooms but we use each others too. I prefer seat down but also prefer no pee on the seat. Hubby is pretty decent about always putting it back down - I think because he was raised by a single mom and a sister. :)

  5. I'm a woman and I would prefer the seat left up than the seat left to be peed on 130% There's at least a better chance for me to notice the seat is up than for me to see the little pee drops and me to SIT in them. However, in my house, we have two of the most inconsiderate men, they routinely mix it up by doing BOTH, so I'm in the extreme paranoid habit of both checking the seat position and in most cases WIPING it off regardless of whether I know who was in there last. And to be honest with you, I guess I'll get kicked out of my gender for saying that women should learn to LOOK before they sit, for many reasons, goodness knows what you may sit in (especially if you happen to have kids or pets who like the toilet). I do and it's been years since I've sat on bare rim OR pee.



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