Sunday, June 28, 2009

EPA Suppresses Internal Report

As if we needed further proof that the whole global warming, climate change hysteria is nothing more than a left wing attempt to further grow governmental control into our lives is the report that the EPA has suppressed an internal report that is skeptical of global warming because it did not conform to the wishes of the current administration.

The report states that the scientific data that the EPA is using in their effort to regulate carbon dioxide emissions is at least three years out of date. The report states that ocean and solar cycles are responsible for fluctuations in global temperatures. (What a concept that the sun could be responsible for warming the Earth.) The author of the report also states that he sees no reason to try to regulate carbon dioxide emissions at this time. The report also says that the EPA has ignored recent scientific findings such as the fact that global temperatures have been declining for the past 11 years.

It is disturbing that a supposedly independent government agency would suppress a report that could have potentially had an impact on the outcome of a bill as important as the recent climate bill. That it would suppress the report because it did not conform to the desired results the administration wanted is further proof that the people need to take back control of the government.


  1. I sometimes wonder whether much attention would be paid to global warming at all id it weren'y for Al Gore. He is one formaer politician who is truly making a difference. He certainly got my attention!

  2. Cher, back away from the Kool-Aid

    Al Gore is nothing but a hypocrite. He talks about all the things people need to do to solve this supposed "problem" yet he has a huge carbon footprint. He has done nothing but line his pockets by hyping this issue, and he stands to line his pockets even more if these cap and trade programs pass. There have been plenty of scientists who have shown a lot of his "inconvenient truths" are false. Of course if Al Gore says the science is settled enough times and then defames anybody that disagrees with him, then it must be true.

    So if you mean leading this country into further economic decline, lowering our standard of living, and lining his pockets at the expense of the lower and middle classes, then I guess he is "truly making a difference."

  3. Okay, you made me think! My husband and I have been wondering lately where this global warming is happening. Certainly not here in Pennsylvania. The summers are shorter, cooler and more rainey. My garden plants are screamimg for sun and the money we spent on them will not be re-donated to Al Gore's charities anytime soon.

  4. Glad to see you have an open mind. I am currently reading "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming" and it is pretty informative.



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