Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson RIP

It is a rather sad day for me today. Two entertainment icons from my youth passed away today, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

Farrah lost her battle with cancer, passing away today at the age of 62. She came to prominence with her starring role in the television series "Charlie's Angels." She left the show after only one season to try her hand at movies.

I think every guy my age had the poster pictured here hanging on their bedroom wall. I know I did. Over 12 million copies of the poster were sold. Legend has it that her curls in the poster spelled out the word sex. Those curls also led women everywhere to try to emulate her hair style.

Before I came to know her in her Charlie's Angel role, she caught my attention in a Noxema commercial with NY Jets quarterback Joe Namath. Broadway Joe is giddy when he exclaims "I'm so excited, I'm gonna get creamed!" Watch the commercial below to see why.

As I left the parking garage at work this evening at 6pm, I turned the radio on to listen the Mark Levin Show. Levin started the show, not with his usual rant, but with the announcement that TMZ was reporting that Michael Jackson had just passed away from an apparant massive heart attack at the age of 50.

Michael started his career as the youngest member of the Jackson 5 at the age of 11. He would go on to an immensely successful solo career being dubbed "The King of Pop." As the MTV world exploded on the scene, Michael took full advantage of the medium with several elaborate music videos. His "Thriller" video was a masterpiece and remains the most popular music video of all time. The "Thriller" album remains one of the best selling disc of all time.

I was a big fan of the Jackson 5 and Michael's solo work. Late in his career, his life became shrouded in controversy and allegations. I confess, I lost interest in continuing to follow his career. I prefer not to think about that Michael Jackson, but instead will remember Michael as seen below performing "Billie Jean."

I guess part of the reason it is particularly sad for me is that I guess it sort of reminds me of my own mortality. Especially the death of Jackson. He was only two years older than I am. Farrah & Michael, may you both RIP.


  1. Tough day in the Entertainment world indeed! Nice post! Thanks for sharing some of the better memories.



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