Saturday, June 27, 2009

House Passes Climate Bill

Speaking of stupid people, a significant blow to liberty and the American standard of living was delivered yesterday with the House of Representatives passing the American Clean Air and Energy Act.

The United States is currently suffering through tough economic times. This bill will make it tougher, but the left wing ideologues only care about their agenda. Obama himself has said that a cap and trade system will "necessarily cause electricity prices to skyrocket."

In addition, we can also expect that gasoline prices will rise much more than it would have without this legislation. The costs of all goods and services, including necessities, will go up as companies will pass those costs on to consumers. With unemployment currently at 9.4% and expected to top 10%, this bill will add to unemployment as companies will ship jobs overseas to countries where they will not be subject to the same caps on emissions.

I also like how the mainstream media is portraying only the GOP as claiming that this is nothing more than a huge energy tax. To quote John Dingell (Dem-MI), "Nobody in this country realizes that cap and trade is a tax, and it's a great big one." So much for Obama's pledge to not raise taxes on 95% of working families. Sure he is not raising "income" taxes but a tax is a tax regardless of what the tax is on.

If alternative forms of energy were viable, that would be one thing. I am all for giving tax incentives for companies to explore and develop those alternatives. However, until those alternatives are viable, it makes no sense to destroy the existing forms of energy that have made this the country the greatest known to man.

To those 44 Democrats that chose common sense over party politics, I congratulate you on taking a stand. To the 8 so called Republicans who voted for this bill, and essentially led to it's passage, I say you might as well pull an Arlen Specter and switch your party affiliation over to the Democrats. There is no way that conservative or moderate could in good conscience vote for such a radical left wing piece (of shit) legislation. Mark Levin has posted the names and phone numbers of the RINO's that voted for the bill encouraging people to call and voice your displeasure with their actions.

Let's hope that common sense will reign in the Senate and that this garbage will not make it to the desk of President Obama. If not, it may be time to start looking for a country that values liberty because the USA as we know it will cease to exist.


  1. I have to take you to task over this,The cost gasoline will rise even if this is not done.the rising prices are due to the greed that wall street keeps jacking up the prices on the oil.
    As far as Improving the clean air act I'm all for it.big business wants to run rough shoul over people by poluting more and more and careing less and less.where do you want lime line drawn?
    and don't even try to blame loss of jobs on this one either.those jobs went because the fatcats want to make more profits and line thier pockets even more.Sorry about the diatribe.

  2. Mike, the EPA report on cap and trade says that gasoline prices will increase by 22% on top of any other forces that might cause gasoline prices to rise, so I would rather pay $4 gallon for gasoline than $5 gallon.

    I am all for cleaner air, and limiting pollution, however, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a naturally occurring gas that is necessary for plant life. The reason we have catalytic converters on our cars is so that they will emit carbon dioxide instead of carbon monoxide, a poison.

    As for loss of jobs, again, the EPA projects that cap and trade will be responsible for increasing the flow of jobs overseas on top of anything that would have occurred in a free market. Plus if you want to rail against the "fat cats" lining their pockets, take a look at Al Gore. He has profited more than anybody for the climate change hysteria and stands to profit even more with the exchange of so called carbon credits.

  3. You are quite right my friend.Al Gore and others like him that profit at peoples expense should be ashamed of themselves.I appoligize for the rant I went on here.Sometimes I get a little fiesty and go overboard.
    But than again a good debate is good for the soulI hope that you are having a great weekend,my friend.

  4. not a problem, some of my favorite times were in college when I would have spirited debates with my buddies over a pitcher of brew

  5. I found your blog through Mike's blog and I always enjoy a spirited discussion. I have to say I agree with Mike on this one.
    By the way, you have a really interesting blog and it's been a pleasure reading your posts.

  6. Thanks for coming by and the kind words. Though I still think Mike is wrong :-)



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