Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a Bitch!!!

Brigadier General Michael Walsh was testifying before Senator Barbara Boxer's Environment and Public Works Committee when he had the audacity to refer to her as "Ma'am." Oh my goodness. How dare he? Not to worry. Senator Boxer made sure to chastise the general and tell him in no uncertain terms that he should refer to her as "Senator."

If I could say one thing to her at this time it would be, "Get over yourself, bitch!" Sure, it is proper to address her as "Senator," but there is nothing wrong with the way that General Walsh addressed her. The general was following the military protocol of addressing "supposed" superiors as "Sir" or "Ma'am." It in no way diminishes her role as a Senator. I would also remind her that it is people like General Walsh who have fought and died for this country so she could be free to earn that title she worked so hard for.

To General Walsh, all I can say is you are a better man than me (actually, all our military are, but that is another story.) Thank you for your service. The incident also serves to remind me why I do not think that I could have ever made it in the military. Had it been me instead of General Walsh, I might have replied with "Fuck You, Senator!" How is that for addressing you by your proper title?
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  1. you can please some of the people all of the time some most of the time and a few never no matter how you try.I agree with the General,saying Ma'am is a proper way of showing respect when you a military man.

  2. I will always lean towards a military man as opposed to a politician.

  3. I appreciate what you are saying about military and how most are very polite. I must side with Boxer on this one, however. She earned the title of Senator, much the way an officer earns his or her title through rank. I do believe that addressing her as Senator would have been more appropriate.

  4. Cher, it is more the way she said it. She could have done it a lot more diplomatically

  5. She may have "earned" her title (hard for me to really give a damn) but her attitude sucked and showed her to be the bitch we know she is.



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