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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming

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I spent the better part of today on an airplane flying from Maryland to California for business. So while waiting in airports and while on the plane, I spent most of my time reading. I finished reading "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism" by Christopher C. Horner. Horner is a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and is considered an expert on global warming legislation, having testified before the US Senate and European Parliaments. Now I am no expert on global warming, but I am staying at a Holiday Inn Express tonight, so I will give it a shot.

Horner goes into detail about how the global warming agenda is really more about trying to gain more control over our lives and destroying the American way of life. He discusses in great length the way Al Gore and the other global warming alarmists try to shut off any debate on the subject of global warming. If Gore and company say the science is settled enough times, then it must be true. Anybody that would dare dispute that must be in the pocket of big business. Those who do question global warming, are either cut off from funding or worse, defamed.

The book opens with the argument that the "Green" movement is the new red. It is really nothing more than an anti-American and anti-capitalist agenda. Did you know that Earth Day, April 22nd, is also the day of Vladimir Lenin's birth? Do you think it is a coincidence that Earth Day would fall on the same day as the birth of the first head of the Soviet Union? Maybe, but it makes me wonder.

Horner also goes into the science of global warming. He shows how the current warming trends are not anything out of the ordinary for planet earth. In fact, the Earth has been much warmer than it currently is. One would think that if CO2 was causing global warming, then increases in CO2 would correspond with increases in temperatures. It isn't always the case. Dr. Willie Soon, a Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysicist, plotted Arctic air temperatures against both CO2 concentrations and solar activity. The graph below shows that solar activity seems to be the overriding factor in climate change.
Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth gets a lot of scrutiny as well. Horner shows numerous examples where Gore utilizes the most extreme examples to try to make his points. Most models of global warming project modest sea level rising, in the range of a few inches to an extreme of a few feet. A far cry from the 20 foot rise that Gore projects. There are several other examples he gives where Gore uses outright exaggeration, or worse.

The final chapter deals with the Kyoto Protocol. The Senate voted 95-0 on a resolution to tell Clinton/Gore that the US should not enter into any agreement that would not include countries such as China and India or would have harmed the US economy, which is precisely what Kyoto would have done. Clinton actually signed the treaty, but never sent it to the Senate for ratification because it would not have passed. Also, Europe has expressed their displeasure with the United States because we are not a part of the Kyoto agreement. It interesting to note that since agreeing to cut back emissions (which they were using a cap and trade program to achieve this), European emissions have actually increased. In fact, from 1997-2004, European CO2 emissions grew at a faster rate than the US. From 2000-2004, that rate of increase was 3 times the rate of the United States. So all Europe got out of their cap and trade policies was higher energy costs, and an increase in CO2.

I highly recommend this book if you want to get beyond the hype of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth hysteria and hype. All of the efforts to try to curb CO2 will have a negligible impact on temperatures, and will only lead to higher costs and a decline in the US standard of living.

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  1. The sun? It's hot enough to do that? Gore is a joke, truly. Saying Global Warming was like fighting the Nazis. Wonder how much CO2 he produced flying to Europe to say that.

  2. Bring up the sun to a global warming believer and their head starts spinning.

  3. It is a common know fact that there has been hugh temputer swings in the past.That has been proven many times over..I am not saying that global warming is not real.
    there was an argument about the air during the grounding of all airplane traffice because of 9-11-01.therre was a lot more cleaner air.and more sunlight got thru to the earth's surface.Mr.Gore how about that inconvenient truth?

  4. THe Sun, who knew?

    One other interesting bit of info is that 97% of all C02 is natural in nature, only 3% is caused by so called man made forces

  5. All I know is that this has been a very cool, temperature wise, summer in Pittsburgh. Just where exactly is this global warming? It's not here, that's for sure. When I was a kid there were summer days when the temps were over 100 degrees. No one spoke of global warmimg then.

  6. I think I heard recently that June was the second coolest June on record. Plus we have been in a cooling trend for the last dozen years

  7. The flaw in Gore's "scientific consensus" rhetoric is that "scientific consensus" does not equal "fact."

    The scientific consensus is evolving all the time, based on new knowledge brought about by new technologies. When we were growing up, Dick, it was considered a "fact" (not even a "scientific consensus") that Pluto was the ninth planet.

    Not any more. Now the scientific consensus is that Pluto ain't a planet at all.

    I'm no expert on global warming either. And it's fine to be skeptical. But if you wiki "Earth Day," you can find a benign explanation of why April 22 is Earth Day in the U.S.

  8. the thing about Gore and his "consensus" is that in his mind there is no room for debate, which is the antithesis of science.

    true about Pluto, and did you know UBM that it was a black man that discovered that Pluto was not a planet?

    As for April 22, yeah, I looked it up on wiki but still thought it an ironic bit of trivia

  9. my favorite was how here in DC, the global warming rally was postponed due to a blizzard in march.

    look, while some places have gotten warmer, other have gotten colder. this is the nature of the planet. things change. how gore came to his dubious conclusions is beyond me.

    maybe he was just looking for attention.

  10. ... and did you know UBM that it was a black man that discovered that Pluto was not a planet?

    I did not.

  11. So your trying to say that global warming is just a made up theory that doesn't exist?

  12. No, I am saying that man has very little impact on greenhouse gasses, and any global warming is caused by the Sun.



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