Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Be The Judge

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Several years ago, I had a boss that was particularly irritating to me. He wasn't unfair, mind you, just some of his ways were very frustrating. I was on the phone with a salesman that called on our company and venting. He suggested that if I wanted to get even with my boss, I should take BB's and put them under the valve stem covers on his tires. The BB's would press down on the valve stems causing a leak in all four tires, and eventually, four flat tires.

I was still in my early 20's at the time and still somewhat immature. I never did it, but I did think about it. The mere fact that I actually considered performing such an act, I chalk up to immaturity. I am not sure what we can attribute to the alleged actions of Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley.

Nalley apparently showed up for work at the Charles County Courthouse in La Plata MD only to find somebody parked in his parking space. The car in question belonged to a part time custodial worker in the courthouse. Two county sheriff's officer say they saw Judge Nalley letting the air out of the tires. According to reports, one of them recorded the judge with their cell phone.

First, the worker, Jean Washington, should not have parked in a restricted parking area. She should not have had to be subjected to having her car vandalized. Perhaps she should have received a ticket. At worst, her car should have been towed away.

Second, if true, is this the type of behavior we would expect from our judges? I can understand being upset if somebody is in your parking space. We have assigned parking in our townhouse complex and it irks the hell out of me if somebody parks in my clearly marked spot. However, I am not going to flatten their tire. First I will knock on the doors of my neighbors to see if a visitor parked their in error. Then I would consider having the car towed.

Seriously, if you were on trial, how would you feel about the judge's ability to render a sound decision when they let the air out of somebody's tire because they were in the wrong parking space? I for one would be a little suspect.

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