Sunday, August 2, 2009

Texting & Driving

This driver is using two phones at onceImage via Wikipedia

As if we didn't need further evidence that texting while driving could cause a driver to be distracted while driving, there is the story from Lockport NY on Friday of the tow truck driver who was not only texting, but also talking on another cell phone while driving. Let's just say that he did not succeed in accomplishing his task. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured. The driver hit a car, crashed through a fence, sidewiped a house, before stopping with his front wheels ending up in a swimming pool. Nice job.

This accident comes two days after Congressman Charles Schumer (Dem-NY) and three other Congressman from the Democrat Party proposed federal legislation requiring all states to ban texting while driving or else lose 25% of federal highway funds. Fourteen states, including my state of Maryland, plus the District of Columbia have already banned texting while driving. Big surprise that it would be four Democrats to propose the legislation.

Earlier this year, I posted about my opposition to legislation that banned cell phones and driving, so it will be no big surprise that I would be against such a ban on texting. As foolhardy and dangerous as it is to text while driving, I do not think it warrants federal legislation. If such a ban was required, in my opinion that should be up to the individual states without having to be extorted by the federal government.

My reason for being against cell phone and texting bans, aside from further government interference with our liberty, is simple. Existing laws are sufficient without singling out specific activities that could lead to distracted driving. For example, if I am driving and am distracted enough that I rearend the car in front of me, then I will be charged with reckless driving and be at fault for the accident. It should not matter if I was texting at the time or I spilled hot coffee in my lap because the lid fell off my cup.
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  1. I have to agree with the no cell phones while driving PERIOD!pull over to the side of the stinking road to use the darn phone.The City of brooklyn Ohio has such a ban,and guess what it works,as long as people use something called common sence.Oh I forgot that does not exist any more.

  2. I think it is safe to say you and I will never agree on this



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