Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Today marks the start of the NFL season.  Yeah, I know that the first game of the season took place Thursday night but it doesn't count.  In my mind, the "official" start of the season is the Sunday that the majority of teams play their first game of the season.

In year's past, I started looking forward to this day about 10 minutes after the Super Bowl ended.  Not so this year.  Usually, I will have watched every Redskins preseason game from beginning to end.  Even the first one where most of the people who are playing don't even make the team.  This year I may have seen a half of a game.

For the first time in about 15-20 years, I will not be participating in a fantasy football league.  Usually by this time, I have devoured two or three fantasy football magazines and participated in at least two fantasy football drafts.  I would be visiting multiple websites daily to find the least bit of information to plan my lineup.  Then as the games progressed, I would sit at the computer checking the progress of my teams.

My wife has known not to make any plans that would include me on a Sunday afternoon during the season.  This year, I have actually considered planning activities other than sitting here watching the games.  Sure I plan to watch the game this afternoon, but if something else comes up, I would consider it where in the past that was never an option.

I am not sure what has led to this apathy towards a sport that I once felt so passionate about.  I suppose that I could chalk it up to maturity and that other interests are more important now.  Then again, perhaps it could just be a little bit of depression and the stress of the real world.  Since I am a white man and politically conservative, the liberals would probably say it's due to racism (oh wait that's opposition to health care reform).  The only question is, does this mean I have to turn in my "man card?"  

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  1. I think the sports malaise is catching; I feel it too to a certain extent. Still, I'm hoping that beer and watching the games today will flush that out.

  2. I am hoping the same thing, Mark. It really kind of started for me last season. I stopped yelling at the television whenever the Redskins would do badly or if I thought there was a bad call against them

  3. The trouble is not with you. It is with your team. By the way, my Cowboys won today. Naa-naanaa-naa-naa.



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