Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye's an Ass, Beyonce Has Class

I was going to post yesterday about the Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident yesterday, but the news of Patrick Swayze's death led me to post a tribute to him instead.  As it turns out, audio was released of Barack Obama commenting on the incident.  In one of those rare twists of fate, I actually find myself in 100% agreement with the president.

Actually, I was going to be a little stronger in my sentiments and say that Kanye was a fucking asshole, but the president sums it up pretty well.

I am not going to embed the video of the actual incident, but I do want to give major credit to Beyonce who showed unbelievable grace.  She is a class act, not to mention totally Bootilicious.

Sadly, Viacom disabled the embedding on the original video I posted so I will give it another shot.

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  1. I'm stymied too! I agree with you and the President! Wow, I can't believe I had the chance to say that but I wanted it documented. :) A silly, unscrupulous, and disrespectful thing for Kanye to do!

  2. Thank you for posting the second video. I hadn't seen that yet. That was a sweet way to fix that and Beyonce didn't HAVE to do that. But I'm so glad she did. And Ms. Swift handled it well, too. Both class acts.

  3. Kanye's problem is that he is a jackass and when he is drinking he becomes an eved bigger jackass and jerk to boot.

    Beyonce,and Ms.Swift are real class acts.

  4. so it begs the question, II, is it because you usually agree with the president or me?

    Kathy, glad you got to see it before Viacom disabled the embedding of that video

    Mike, too true. Alcohol can cause some people to do some stupid things.

  5. Sometimes I agree with the President and sometimes I don't. The Same is true for you. But It's extremely rare (as you alluded) to see you and the President in agreement! That's the funny part! :)



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