Saturday, September 19, 2009

For Energy Independence

I believe in the goal to be energy independent and to end or reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  I am all for developing new clean energy sources, but until the infrastructure is there, we need to use every available domestic source.  It is folly to rely on oil from Middle Eastern countries that hate us and our way of life.  Below is an email I received from American Solutions encouraging people to let the Department of Interior know your opinion about our energy policies.  The link in the letter takes you to their page where you can submit a pre-written message to the Department of Interior or you can edit to send your own message.  Please take a few minutes to let them know that you support domestic production of oil and natural gas.

Dear Dick,

If you care about making sure we're not dependent on foreign countries for our energy, we have a very timely call to action that will take you less than 1 minute.

The Department of Interior, which decides when and where we drill for oil and gas, has been holding a "notice and comment" period. This is when they solicit input from the public as to whether we should drill or not.

This is one way that the anti-energy interest groups have been able to successfully block any common sense development for decades.

Well the deadline for submissions is on Monday, and we need your help to overwhelm the Interior Department with comments in favor of drilling.

Please take 1 minute to submit your comments right now at

If you don't have time to write anything, don't worry. We've already taken care of it for you.

Once you submit your comment, please forward to anyone else that you think would be willing to help out.
This is an opportunity that we must seize.
Thanks so much for your participation, and we'll report back soon as to how we all do.


Dan Varroney
Senior VP & COO
American Solutions

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  1. I think we should drill for more oil, build nuke plants, and let private industry solve the rest of it.



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