Saturday, September 26, 2009

An Inconvenient Tax

Let's face it. Nobody likes taxes, except politicians.  Obviously, the Federal Government needs to raise capital for its legitimate purposes. Our tax system is so complex that even the people who write the code have difficulty, just ask Charlie Rangel.  There are a number of different ideas out there for reforming the tax code, but the one I support is the FairTax

Later this year, "An Inconvenient Tax," a new document on the history of the income tax will be release.  The film discusses the problems with the current system and explores options for reform.

An Inconvenient Tax - Official Trailer from Life Is My Movie Entertainment on Vimeo.
An Inconvenient Tax sheds light on one of America’s messiest problems — a fundamentally broken tax code that affects every part of people’s lives. With the U.S. Congress making over 16,000 changes to the tax code in the last two decades alone, many Americans want something better, but few know where to start. This feature-length documentary film reveals the many ways Congress uses the tax code to achieve political goals that have nothing to do with raising revenue. It also tackles the controversial issue of tax reform through a non-partisan presentation of U.S. tax history and current proposals to fix the code. In a time when America faces fiscal crisis, An Inconvenient Tax brings a crucial exploration of the tax code to the big screen.

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