Saturday, September 12, 2009

New York Musical Theater Festival

When I think of New York City, I think of entertainment. OK, first I think about how much I hate the New York Yankees, but after that, I think of entertainment. In particular, I think of the theater.

Without a doubt, New York is the capital of the theater world. Even President Obama took the first lady out to see a Broadway show shortly after he took office. If you are a fan of musical theater, then there is no better time to head to New York than the end of the month for the New York Musical Theater Festival. The Obama's probably don't have to worry about booking lodging, but if you were to head up for the festival you can get a great deal at Vacation Rental Deals.

The festival is the largest of its kind and its goal is to introduce contemporary musical theater to a diverse audience.  They also promote, support, and discover new performer, producers, and projects.  Their website has a great search engine that allows you to search by the type of show you want to see.  One thing for certain, they have programs for everybody.  I was particularly intrigued by one new musical called "Fantasy Football: The Musical?"

If you happen to have some unplanned vacation time coming up and you are a theater fan, you owe it to yourself to check out the New York Musical Theater Festival.

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