Thursday, September 24, 2009

Now They've Gone Too Far!

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If there was ever any doubt that the true intentions of the environmentalist movement was more about controlling our lifestyles, how about this little nugget.  Environmental groups are pushing for the elimination of ultra plush toilet tissue.  It is their desire that everyone use toilet paper made from recycled paper fibers.

In order to achieve the softness in toilet paper, longer wood fibers are required.  These fibers can be found in trees that are decades old.  The shorter the wood fibers, the rougher and scratchier the paper.  Of course the shortest fibers are in the recycled paper that the environazis want us all to use.

Toilet paper accounts for 5% of the forests products industry.  In contrast, the packaging industry uses 26% of the crop.  The 5% upsets the environmentalists because they say that our need for softer tissue is just another example of the excesses of our lifestyles and that we do not need old growth trees to wipe our butts.  See, I told you it was all about controlling us. Oh, and they also call the softer toilet paper the Hummer of the paper products industry.

Now, I am all for conservation and recycling.  I have never owned a gas guzzler.  I have even started using the compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of the old incandescent bulbs.  However, nobody is going to come between my backside and my toilet paper.  I am the person who has to sit on my butt all day at the office, so if I have to choose between a soft comfy paper or a rough scratchy paper, then I am going to choose the comfort.
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  1. Me too. How low can they go! That's striking at the roots of democracy!

  2. I agree. However, I will say one thing about TP these days. There is no need for that crazy plush TP. I forget what it's called. Charmin makes it. That stuff does NOT flush in a low-flow toilet. I was totally fine with the paper they made before. No, I don't want scratchy, but I don't need the thick stuff either.

  3. well maybe the 3-ply is a little excessive



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