Friday, October 2, 2009

And the 2016 Summer Olympic Games Go to Rio!

In spite of the last minute decision by President Barack Obama to join Oprah and the First Lady to help in the bid to land the 2016 Summer Olympic Games for the city of Chicago right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. the International Olympic Committee awarded the games to Rio de Janeiro marking the first time that South America will host the games.  Many speculated that when Obama decided to join the party that the USA had the bid in the bag.  Instead, we were eliminated in the first round of voting.  Somehow the libs will find a way to blame Bush or racism.  After all, if you don't decide in favor of Obama it has to be one of those two reasons.

So in support of our friends in Brazil, "I Go to Rio" by Peter Allen.

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  1. Come on... You know you wanted Chicago to win. Think of all of the money it would have brought in via tourism!

    I couldn't get your youtube video to play. I'm sure it's good. I'll try again later.

  2. President obama's Chicago mission has failed.

  3. I wonder if the denial of the olympics to chicago was just a slap in the face to our president and our country.

  4. II-none of that tourism money would be coming my way ;-) I am just glad that the games will be in the eastern hemisphere so I can watch it live instead of tape delay

    Mike-who knows, perhaps.

  5. Chicago Trib already blamed Bush!

  6. Senator Burris blamed Bush as well

  7. I thought that Obama going to make the pitch on behalf of Chicago was a waste of time because Chicago was never really in the running. Rio already has a lot of the facilities in place and besides it was time for South America to host the games.

  8. I made the blame Bush comment half tongue in cheek. I am not surprised that some would blame him



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