Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Few Random Rants

It is a cold, rainy night here in Maryland with temperatures in the 40's.  I just finished an eight hour shift of delivering fresh hot pizza.  I am sitting here enjoying a nice bottle of 1998 vintage wine from the Cotes de Castillon region of Bordeaux.  Life is good, but I have a few little rants to get off my chest.

The cleaning crew in my office does a really nice job.  Seriously.  They do a particularly nice job keeping the rest rooms clean.  They probably come through at least three times a day.  The problem though is that sometimes they do too good a job.  There are three stalls in the rest room.  To change the roll of toilet paper in one of them, the cleaning crew opens a panel in the middle stall to change the roll.  Unfortunately, they will change the roll even if somebody is sitting in the stall.  It is rather disconcerting to be taking care of business and have a panel open up next to you while somebody changes the toilet paper.  You'd think they would wait until the coast is clear, so to speak.

Tonight was actually a pretty good day delivering pizza, so I really shouldn't complain, but I am going to.  As I said, it was a cold and rainy night.  It still amazes me that somebody will order $51.51 worth of pizza and hand me $52.00.  Then there are those that place a $30 order and put $1.50 tip on their credit card when placing the order.  Sometimes I just want to tell those people that if I have two deliveries to make, and I see $1.50 tip on one slip, and $3.00 or more on the other, who do you think is going to get their pizza first?

Lastly, why is it that liberals take offense to calling illegal aliens "criminals?"  Let me see if I can explain this simply.  Let's think back to basic algebra and the following mathematical theorem.

and b=c
therefore a=c

Pretty straightforward. So using this same logic:

Illegal immigrants have broken our immigration laws.
People who have broken laws are criminals.
Therefore, Illegal immigrants are criminals.

Again, seems pretty simple to me.
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  1. People who drive over the speed limit have broken our traffic laws.
    People who have broken laws are criminals.
    Therefore, people who drive over the speed limit are criminals.

    I say deport them all!!!

  2. yeah, Len, you are right, breaking federal immigration laws is right on the same level as traffic violations.

    why bother with deportation, let's just give them the chair so we can be done with them



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