Sunday, October 11, 2009

Funeral For A Friend

Daguerreotype of Edgar Allan PoeImage via Wikipedia
I have always enjoyed reading.  Over the years, I have gone through various phases where I read many different authors and styles of books.  In my youth, my favorite author was Edgar Allan Poe.  I used to love the classic horror films.  I became hooked on Poe when I saw Vincent Price appear in "The Black Cat."

Poe is best known for his short stories and his poem "The Raven," which is where the Baltimore Ravens got their nickname.  Poe's stories were all very dark and he became known as the Master of the Macabre.  His better known stories were "The Black Cat" and "The Tell Tale Heart," but my favorite may have been "The Cask of Amontillado," a tale where the main character lures his foe who publicly ridiculed him in some catacombs to sample a rare sherry.  As his foe gets drunk, he buries him alive by building a brick wall to prevent his escape.

2009 marks the 200th birthday of Edgar Allan Poe.  He died in Baltimore at the age of 40 on October 7, 1849.  His funeral was attended by a mere 10 people.  Poe did not receive acclaim for his works until after his death.  Today, to celebrate his life, and to give him a funeral worthy of one of America's greatest writers, there was a funeral complete with a replica Poe in a casket and a funeral procession.  RIP Edgar.

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  1. Interesting... I Didn't know all of the history there. Penguins? Poe? Good Beer? Onion Soup? - You've got good taste. What did you think of "The Pit and the Pendulum" ? I seem to recall Poe died under some pretty curious circumstances and at a pretty young age. We missed out on some of his best work that he surely would have penned in his 40's.

    By the way, when I read your post there was a cool ad for the C-17 on your page. I clicked it..... Hope you don't mind. (I may go back and click it again.) I Learned a few things about the program. Didn't know McCain offered an amendment to strip funding for the C-17. I've always viewed him as such a "Hawk" How could he possibly vote against this program? Everyone knows that "Airlift is the backbone of deterrence!"

    Thanks for taking "me" back to my Poe days. see ya.

    "an amendment offered by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., to strip funding for the C-17s was defeated for a second time in a roll call vote of 30-68."

  2. I loved the pit and the pendulum. There wasn't much of his that I didn't like.

    If you ever come to town I could go for a good beer and onion soup.



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