Friday, October 23, 2009

Harry Reid Losing Ground

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I am home after my three day business trip to Vegas. These trade shows are a lot of work, but very important to the company I work for.  There is a lot of walking and standing over the course of the show, and my feet and back just don't hold up like they used to. My dogs are barking and it sure is good to be back home to relax for the weekend

We also don't get a lot of time to ourselves while on these trips. After spending the normal workday hours walking the trade show floor, we usually get about an hour break before going out to a business dinner.  By the time that ends it is pretty much time for bed.  When in my hotel room, I usually have the television on for some background noise.  This brings me to main point of the post.

Harry Reid is really in trouble in Nevada.  Here it is, still more than a year before the next election for his Nevada Senate seat, and what do I see on the tube?  A Harry Reid campaign commercial touting all of the great things he had done for the state of Nevada. 

A recent poll of registered voters in Nevada shows Reid with a 38% approval rating.  We don't even know who his opponent is going to be yet, but polls currently show that Reid would lose to either of the two likely Republican opponents.  There is nothing I would like more than to see that twit lose next year.  Well, maybe if the Republican take back the House and knock Pelosi off of her high horse.
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  1. I lived in Las Vegas from '67 to '95 and personally watch Reid destroy Vegas. Voting Reid out of office would be the best thing Nevada could ever do.

  2. Listening to him speak, I think he would be a great cure for insomnia



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