Saturday, October 24, 2009

HOA From Hell #7

I have no love for homeowners associations.  Outside of a few legitimate roles such as caring for common areas, most of them have rules that our a little too restrictive for my taste.  Some of them have rules that are just extreme and unreasonable, like not being able to smoke (a legal activity) in your own home or what type of Christmas decorations you can have. 

Now there is the case of Kimberly Broffman of Clearwater, Florida and the Lakes Homeowners Association.  Kimberly is a six year old girl who came to live with her grandparents when she was an infant when her mother was injured in a home invasion.  It was supposed to be a temporary situation, but Kimberly's mother has run into more difficulties and the child has stayed with the grandparents.

The HOA wants the little girl evicted from the home because their rules state that the community is a retirement community and you must be 55 years old to live there.  The grandparents, Judie and Jimmy Stottler, have been trying to sell their home with no success.  Mrs. Stottler wrote to the association explaining that until they sell their home they could not afford to move and would become homeless.  She thanked them for their consideration and understanding, and the HOA responded with a court summons.

I understand a retirement community wanting to have rules regarding kids.  They can be a little loud.  However, in some cases compassion should be the rule.  You have a child in a loving, stable family relationship.  To force the family to either put the child in foster care or become homeless is beyond heartless.  
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  1. That has to be one of the saddest things I've heard. Where is compassion. I certainly hope no one from this HOA ever needs a helping hand or a bit of compassion in case they get their come uppance!

  2. they say what goes around comes around so maybe they will

  3. This is totally absurd. Surely other members of this community have grandchildren and should offer support. They should petition the other homeowners.

  4. I support you fully! This homeowners associations that supposed to be a non-profit "organization" to "help" neighborhood COMMON AREA looks presentable, now a days, gotten to be SO VERY VERY griddy, and ruins many lives that do not deserve any of these bulls.

  5. Please check out my website about
    The HOA from hell I live.



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