Thursday, October 1, 2009

So Long Saturn

2008 Saturn Vue photographed at the Washington...Image via Wikipedia
I am kind of sad today with the news that the Saturn brand of automobiles will be discontinued.  Mrs. Dickster and I each drive Saturn automobiles.  Mine is a 2002 SL2 with over 134000 miles on it.  We have had very few problems with that car.  My wife is driving a 2005 Saturn Vue.  It is our third Saturn overall.

When General Motors announced their plans for restructuring under the government bailout the decision was made to retire some brands, keep some, and sell off other assets.  The Saturn brand was originally scheduled to be sold to Roger Penske and the Penske Automotive Group.  Penske announced that he would be unable to take over the brand because a third party manufacturing deal fell through.

We thoroughly enjoyed our dealings with Saturn.  We were always treated fairly when getting service.  All three of the Saturns we had bought at our local dealership were bought from the same salesman.  There was never any high pressure, and he went out of his way to search other dealerships to find us the car we wanted.  When it was announced that Penske would be taking over Saturn, we had hoped we would be able to stay with them when we were ready to get our next new car. Unfortunately it was not meant to be.
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  1. I suppose Saturn serves as a good example of how hard it is in the automotive industry. For I was under the impression that Saturn had been a very successful brand, and now it turns out that the division never made a profit. Of course, that could also serve as a good example of just how screwed up GM has been lately.

  2. I'm sorry to see the saturns go as well.I'm waiting to see if the Buick barand is next on the chopping block
    First they dumped the Oldsmobile brand the pontiac brand is going.The Hummer Brand was sold,they could not sell the Saturn Brand so bye-bye Saturn.



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