Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something Isn't Right Here

United State Marine Corps Sgt. Michael Ferschke was stationed in Okinawa, Japan.  While there, he met and developed a relationship with a Japanese woman named Hotaru.  Sgt. Ferschke was then deployed to Iraq.  In July of 2008, the couple were married by proxy over the phone.  Sadly, one month later, Sgt. Ferschke was killed.

Prior to their marriage, the couple gave birth to a son.  Now, Hotaru and their son face deportation because the State Department refuses to recognize their marriage as legitimate because the couple was not able to consummate their marriage vows as required by US immigration laws.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security has told Sheriff Joe Arpaio that he is to no longer to authorized to make arrests of illegal immigrants.  Sheriff Joe, to his credit vows to continue to seek out and arrest criminals that are in this country illegally.

There is something wrong when our state department on the one hand wants to deport the widow and child of one of our fallen soldiers, then on the other wants to strip our law enforcement officials of the power to arrest those who are entering the country illegally.  One would think that the Department of Homeland Security would want our law enforcement officials to enforce our laws and protect our borders.  I kind of thought that was why the department was created.

Fortunately for Hotaru Ferschke and her son, Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) has introduced a bill that would recognize the marriage of Hotaru and Michael Ferschke.  The bill has some support on both sides of the aisle.  Members of the House have also introduced legislation to help the widow.  Please write to your Senators and Congressman asking them to support Senator Webb's legislation.

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  1. sometimes you just got to ask WTF???
    I'm posting this one to my site as well.thank you for posting this.

  2. Thanks, Mike. We owe it to our troops and those they leave behind.

  3. Seems to me if they already have a child, they already consummated their relationship!

  4. What hit me when reading this was "to continue to seek out and arrest criminals that are in this country illegally."

    There is a difference between criminals and normal human beings.
    Maybe that aspect should be stressed a bit more.

    Or are the descendants of army men and women more human to the usa?

  5. Jan, logic would seem to dictate that, but we are dealing with the government

    Laane, there are laws in every country on how to legally gain entry into that country. Protecting ones borders is a matter of national security. If you break those laws, you have committed a crime. By definition that makes you a criminal. Why that logic seems to escape liberals is beyond me.

    Hotaru Freschke is in the country legally on a visa. The child is a US citizen. As such, they would have more rights under the law than somebody who is in the country illegally.

  6. WTF is right! What is wrong with people, sheesh!



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