Thursday, November 19, 2009

Avon Sharper Image Camcorder- For Sale

A couple weeks ago, I posted a review of a Sharper Image Camcorder from Avon that my wife had given me for our anniversary.  At the time, I had hoped that her Avon website would have gotten some hits and maybe an order or two for the camera.  Unfortunately, the webpage still says that the item will be available soon.  Turns out, that Avon has been sold out of stock for a while.

When my wife ordered the original camcorder for me, she inadvertently ordered an additional camcorder.  If anybody is interested in purchasing the item, we will be willing to sell it for $99 or best offer.  Let me know either by commenting here or emailing me.  If you are local to the Bowie MD area, we can deliver it to you for cash.  We can also mail it to you via priority mail for $5.95 postage if you can pay via PayPal.
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  1. These camcorders are not what they appear to be. Bought one for my granddaughter and it stuck in upload the first time she tried to upload a song. If you will check it out, there have been many complaints about this mini camcorder.



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