Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Need a Good Laugh

I am in a not so happy place the last couple days.  If you are a regular reader, then you know that I work a part time job delivering pizzas.  Even with that extra money coming in, it seems like every time I get a little extra cash on hand, something comes up.  The latest things to come up for us is an unexpectedly high water bill.  On top of that, the electric company recently changed the meters in my neighborhood because there was a defect in the old meters causing them to register less electricity used.  Consequently, we are being billed about double for our electric bill.

On the part time job front, we had an incident last night that makes me wonder how long I can continue to deliver pizzas.  One of the other drivers was robbed when leaving a delivery.  Some guys came up to him and stuck a gun to his chest and demanded all his money.  Fortunately he was not harmed.  After an incident like that, one stops to consider if it is worth it to continue doing it for the extra few dollars it brings in each month.  I have never wanted to own a gun, but now I wonder.  I definitely need to find something to bring in more cash.

So, being in a not so happy place, I felt the need to add some funnies to today's post.  I thought this was kind of cute.

Next time you think you have had a bad day, think about this guy.

I saw this item in the international food section of the grocery store today.  Some things don't translate well into English.

I saw this one over on SpicyBugz World.  I need one for men.

Of course, I have to add this Nate Beeler cartoon from Friday to have something a little political.

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  1. Sorry to hear that things have been so sucky. Not sure if you are dealing with Bowie Water & Sewer or directly with WSSC. Our water bills are usually around $90 per quarter. For the first full 3 month period when we moved here, it was something like $240. It was all because of the flapper in the toilet that had a slow leak so water would continuously fill up the toilet at a low rate. I was amazed at how much a slow leak in that thing cost us.

    By the way, that stimulus cartoon sucks! :)

  2. Love the round up of funny pics! I agree, some things don't translate well into English! Hope you have a great week!



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