Monday, November 2, 2009

Music Monday-George Harrison "Here Comes the Sun"

I have always loved The Beatles. Many years ago, when I was in college, I worked with a young lady who was a year or two older than I was.  Her favorite Beatles song was "Here Comes the Sun."

Well, I wanted to go out with her, but she was dating another guy.  However, being a guy and a guitar player, I put a little plan in motion.  I learned how to play every riff of "Here Comes the Sun."  I made arrangements to meet her on campus to play a few songs.

After I finished playing "Here Comes the Sun," she complimented me and told me that it was her favorite song.  I replied, "I know.  I learned that song for you."  It nearly worked.

A couple days later, I was talking to her on the phone.  She called to tell me that the guy she had been dating had asked her to marry him and she said yet.  She also told me that she really liked when I sang for her, and that she had considered breaking up with the other guy.

I wished her well and her fiance well.  In the back of my mind I remember thinking, "Yeah, this will last.  Just how solid a relationship will they have if she would consider breaking up because some guy played a song for her on the guitar."  I think every guy who ever learned to play guitar does it to impress the fairer sex.

In addition to George Harrison, this particular version of "Here Comes the Sun" features, Eric Clapton and Jeff Lynne (from ELO) on guitars, Ringo Starr and Phil Collins on drums, and Elton John on piano.

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  1. The second side of Abbey Road is probably my favorite side of an album - well, that was back when albums had sides. It's more than just a collection of songs. I had a stereo that had a feature where I could play a side of an album, and it would shut off automatically when the side of the album was done. I went to sleep many nights with that side of the album playing.



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