Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Case for Gun Rights

Advocates of gun control laws, usually liberals, want to restrict the right of law abiding citizens to own guns.  They argue that by restricting access to guns, then crime, particularly violent crime, will be reduced.  They believe that the police department should be the ones to respond and prevent criminal activities from occurring. 

With all due respect to our law enforcement officials, more often than not, they are unable to respond in time to prevent a crime from occurring.  Take the case of Donna Jackson, age 57, from Oklahoma.  Donna Jackson was home alone while her husband was working a night shift when a man tried to break into her home.  She called 911 asking for help.  While on the phone with 911, waiting for police to arrive, the man broke into her home.  She shot and killed the man.

We do not know what the intent of the intruder who entered her home.  It may have been a simple robbery.  She could have been sexually assaulted or worse yet, killed.  You can hear in her voice in the news clip below that she is scared.  She does not relish the thought of shooting another human being.  After shooting him, she sounds distraught at the thought that she may have killed him.  I believe that most law abiding gun owners would feel the same way.  One thing we know for sure, had gun control advocates had their way, she would not have been able to protect herself and would be a victim today.

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  1. And how many children at schools would be alive if guns would have been forbidden?

    I'm living in a country where guns are forbidden and we have less violent crime.

  2. I am going to have to agree with you here Dickster.
    If a man was beating in my back door, My wife and children would have to come first, which to me would mean a shot to the leg or shoulder, if that did not stop what was happening, then I would have to put an end to it
    I call bullshit on Laane, I have not heard or read of any country of where a gun owner that had to get rid of their firearms that they were safer, or had any less violent crimes.

  3. All I know Laane is that when Washington DC had one of the strictest gun control laws in the US, it had one of the highest rates of murder in the country. Since the Supreme Court has struck down that law, the murder rate has dropped

    There are numerous studies that show the stricter the gun control, the higher the violent crime rate because the criminals will be the only ones with guns and more inclined to act if they have no fear of retaliation

  4. I live in The Netherlands.
    Gun-incident related crime rates are low in large cities and non-existent in small cities and in the country.

    I take there's also a huge cultural difference.
    We solve many problems not by acting out but by talking about them. We're well known for our discussions.

    have a nice weekend.



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