Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Hate Snow

Mother Nature has blessed me with a rare Saturday night off.  No pizza delivery this evening as everything is shut down.  It is kind of a shame because I really could use the money, but even if the pizza palace was open tonight I don't think I would be going anywhere.  We have had 14 inches of snow so far and it is still coming down.  This was the scene from my front door a few hours ago.

I went out about an hour or so ago to start the process of digging out.  There is now a path that I can walk from the house to get to the cars.  Tomorrow morning I'll work on car #1 and car #2 in the afternoon. I have decided that I am too old for this shit. It made me wonder what happened to all the young bucks with strong backs who wanted to help out their neighbors.  I guess it could be worse.  My parking spaces are situated so that when the plow comes through, I only get a small pile of snow pushed up in front of my space.  I feel sorry for these neighbors who got a big pile blocking them in their space.

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  1. Poor Dickster you got more snow then we did in Upstate NY. Enjoy it :-)

    Tis the season to be TIRED. I am sorry to have been away for awhile, but the holiday season tends to take all your free time and blogging time away from you. With that being said, I wish you a Very Merry Holiday and hope you get to enjoy many warm smiles with your whole family, kindest regards Glenn and all your friends at MOB :-)

  2. Same to you MOB.

    I just came in from shoveling out the cars. The snow plows came by again last night and everybody ended up with about 3 feet of hard packed snow/slush/ice in front of their parking spaces. I am super tired now.

  3. That monster storm that hit the northeast missed us in Montreal. We have the shelter of the Appalachians to the south to thank for that.

  4. Wow! Look at that snow. That's way early for snow. It's going to be a dirty white Christmas. Enjoy!

  5. II-it was a December record and more snow than we usually get in the entire season. As you well know, people around here have a hard time with an inch or two.



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