Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

I really need to get a job like the weatherman has.  Where else, besides Congress, can you be wrong more often than not and still keep your job?

We are expecting our first snow of the season here in DC today.  Yesterday, the forecast started with a chance of up to an inch. Later in the day, it grew to a chance of 1-3 inches.  This morning, my part of town has a chance of 2-4 inches, but the snow wouldn't start around here until sunset.  Here is the scene outside my back door as of 11:00 AM, about 6 hours before sunset.

Of course the very mention of snow in the DC area brings about widespread panic.  This morning, I had to do my usualy ritual of going to the bank to cash my pizza delivery paycheck and pick up something for dinner.  The store was much more crowded than usual.  People have to run out and stock up on milk, bread, and toilet paper in case they get snowed in. 

I don't expect it to get too bad out there.  We haven't even had our first freeze of the season so roads are fairly warm.  I am hoping that the inclement weather will bring out the best in people when I am out delivering pizza tonight.  I can always use the extra money.
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